Year 1

Welcome to Cedar Class.  Our teacher is Mrs Marwick. On this page you will find lots of information about our class learning.  Please visit often as we will be updating it regularly.

Cedar Class – Photos

Hansel & Gretel Production

DSC08120 DSC08121 DSC08122 DSC08123 DSC08124 DSC08125  DSC08127 DSC08128a DSC08129 DSC08293 DSC08294 DSC08295 DSC08296 DSC08297 DSC08298  DSC08300DSC08299aDSC08126a

Art inspired by Stezaker

DSC00654 DSC00653 DSC00652 DSC00651 DSC00650


DSC00692 DSC00691 DSC00690 DSC00689 DSC00688 DSC00687 DSC00686 DSC00685 DSC00684 DSC00683

Zoo Lab Visit

DSC00568 DSC00567 DSC00555 DSC00545 DSC00540 DSC00539 DSC00538 DSC00537 DSC00533 DSC00520 DSC00517 DSC00513 DSC00505 DSC00485 DSC00478 DSC00475 DSC00473


DSC00316 DSC00315 DSC00314 DSC00313 DSC00312 DSC00311 DSC00310 DSC00309 DSC00301 DSC00308 DSC00307 DSC00306 DSC00305 DSC00304 DSC00303 DSC00302 DSC00300 DSC00299 DSC00298 DSC00297 DSC00296 DSC00295 DSC00294 DSC00293 DSC00292 DSC00291 DSC00289 DSC00288

Baking in Y1

Hot Cross Buns

DSC00223 DSC00224 DSC00225 DSC00227 DSC00228 DSC00229 DSC00230 DSC00231 DSC00232 DSC00234 DSC00235 DSC00236 DSC00237 DSC00238 DSC00239 DSC00240 DSC00241 DSC00242 DSC00244 DSC00245 DSC00246 DSC00248 DSC00249 DSC00250 DSC00252 DSC00253 DSC00254 DSC00255 DSC00256 DSC00258 DSC00259

Easter Nests

DSC00187 DSC00186 DSC00185 DSC00175 DSC00184 DSC00183 DSC00182 DSC00181 DSC00172 DSC00173 DSC00174 DSC00176 DSC00177 DSC00178 DSC00179 DSC00171 DSC00170 DSC00169 DSC00168 DSC00167 DSC00166 DSC00164 DSC00163 DSC00155 DSC00156 DSC00157 DSC00158 DSC00159 DSC00160 DSC00161 DSC00162 DSC00154 DSC00152 DSC00150 DSC00147 DSC00145 DSC00144 DSC00143 DSC00135 DSC00136 DSC00137 DSC00138 DSC00139 DSC00140 DSC00141 DSC00142 DSC00134 DSC00133 DSC00131 DSC00130 DSC00129 DSC00128


Wisley – January 2019

 IMG_8965 IMG_9056 IMG_9055 IMG_9035 IMG_9030 IMG_9028 IMG_9023 IMG_9017 IMG_9014 IMG_9011 IMG_9006 IMG_9001 IMG_8999 IMG_8997 IMG_8984 IMG_8983 IMG_8976 IMG_8972